First stone laid DSM headquarters

30 September 2022

A celebratory moment: the foundation stone for the new, sustainable DSM headquarters in Maastricht has been laid! This marks the kick-off for the start of the construction phase. For DSM and commissioned by Edge and 3W Real Estate, we designed a healthy and green working environment with a ‘clubhouse feel’. The new home is located in the center of Maastricht, in the middle of the lively Wyck district.


A special feature of this project is the integration of a national monument with new construction resulting in a high-tech office building that meets the highest climate requirements. The ensemble of two buildings consists of the Old Craft School and the 3-story office new construction above the existing parking garage of a former cinema. Thanks to the atrium and façade design – with a strong rhythm of vertical slats on the plinth – the new building section radiates a single entity and identity. The charm and historical features of the former vocational school are preserved. The building is completely energy neutral and Paris-Proof. The office will offer more than 350 workplaces for over 700 DSM employees from the Netherlands and abroad.

Maastricht as home base

Annemarie Penn-te Strake, Mayor of Maastricht: “As City Council of Maastricht we are very pleased with the arrival of DSM. Especially on this spot where we laid the foundation stone today. Here, against the former vocational school, past and future come together. Here the old manufacturing industry and innovative product development give each other a hand. This is where local and international meet. And that is exactly what the city of Maastricht wants to be: monumental and modern, traditional and trendy. A city with history and a future. An international company like DSM fits in seamlessly with those ambitions.”

Next step for DSM

“Today we mark a next step in the rich history of DSM, born in South Limburg, and now a company in nutrition and health. For 150 years we have been providing pragmatic answers to the challenges of the day with science-based solutions. From heating houses with coal to making the way we all produce and consume food more sustainable. We do this together with all our employees and partners, and soon from our new headquarters in Maastricht,” said Dimitri de Vreeze, Co-CEO Royal DSM.

We look forward to realizing this building for the international DSM community together with all partners involved!

Read more about this project here.

Together with clients and partners: EDGE and 3W real estate, BAM Bouw en Techniek – Integrale Projecten Zuid, EQUANS, ABT, Huygen, BBN, DGMR, Fokema & partners and many others involved.

Photo: Aron Nijs