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Join our online dialogue on vitality on the workfloor: 18th of March at 15:00

27 January 2021

Are you thinking more often about the future of office buildings in this ‘new normal’? And are you looking for new ways to a healthy work environment? The urgency of healthy buildings is large. Hopefully all offices will open back again in the new year.

On March 18th at 15:00 we therefore organize an online dialogue on ‘vitality on the workfloor, today and tomorrow’. Our guests are from TNO, Wageningen University & Research and Nudge.

At the table
Joining us at the studio are Marleen Spiekman (senior scientist TNO). She is behavioral scientist and building physics specialist. Marleen knows much about how to make our buildings perform better.

Tia Hermans (senior researcher at Wageningen Environmental Research) will also join. She investigates the effects of plants on health, the indoor climate and wellbeing on the workfloor.

Jan van Betten will share the details on community building. He is the founder of the platform Nudge. We of course also share our own vision and experience. How do you reinforce the community in an organization with architecture?

Want to join in?
We believe in co-creation. That is why we are interested in your experience and ideas. You can join us digitally. We will gladly see you joining in!

Joining in
You can register using the link here.