19 November 2020

Clients award Broekbakema an 8 for customer satisfaction

The results of our customer satisfaction inquiry are in! Over 80% of our clients participated. On average they awarded our office with an 8,1. We are of course proud of this good ‘score’. Participants especially gave high marks for our reliability and involvement. Co-creation and craftmanship also scored high. Clients called Broekbakema no-nonsense, personal, solution driven and sustainable. We are very pleasantly surprised with such positive comments. On the other hand we also asked for points of improvement. This yielded valuable recommendations with regards to quality management. And we should make ourselves more known to the market. This call for more visibility is something we definitely will pick up: you will hear more from us in the future. For instance regarding themes such as vitality on the workfloor, a healthy indoor climate and community building. We would like to thank all participants once more. The customer survey was conducted this year by an independent party.

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