HC Feijenoord and Broekbakema: Together for sport and connection

5 June 2023

On Friday, June 2, we celebrated the 12.5-year anniversary of Hockey Club Feijenoord. During a festive evening, we not only looked back at the past, but also looked forward enthusiastically to the future, which Broekbakema is happy to be a part of.

Sports and connection at Zuid

12.5 years of HC Feijenoord: from field hockey sticks on Afrikaanderplein to a thriving field hockey center for hundreds of members. Founder Paul Veldhuijzen explains, “My love for the sport grew through my children, and it seemed logical to bring this great game to Rotterdam Zuid. Not everyone took a field hockey club in Zuid for granted at the time, but the success now speaks for itself. And although sports enjoyment is central, the club also fulfills an important social role. For it offers children a safe haven, helps them stay away from the streets and promotes their personal growth by exploring new networks and fostering connections.

Joining forces

Encouraging encounters also happens to be in Broekbakema’s DNA. That is why we commit ourselves to HC Feijenoord as one of its main sponsors for the next three years. We believe that sport and community are closely connected and we are happy to support the club. We are greatly looking forward to all the great activities that lie ahead. Whether it’s exciting games, inspiring training sessions or a fun-filled event, we are ready to cheer on the club!

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Photo from left to right: Marcel Dela Haije, Aldo Vos, Paul Veldhuijen.

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