ween- en oudeliedenhuis transformatie

Wees- en Oudeliedenhuis in the newspaper Trouw!

29 May 2018

‘Hoe willen we wonen op onze oude dag?’ This question is answered in the newspaper Trouw by the inhabitants of uniquely transformed listed monument ‘Wees- en Oudeliedenhuis’ in Leiden. Eight persons shared the ambition to get old together in a compact and life-course proof way in the inner city of Leiden. They formed a new form of cooperation together. Together with Broekbakema and in consulation with Erfgoed Leiden, they created a special form of living. Thus, four beautiful modern apartments were created in a respected old surrounding, together with a communal kitchen next to the garden, a big hobbyroom and two spare bedrooms for children and future caretakers. The intention of the inhabitants is clearly reached: ‘Here we will grow old together’.

Read more here about our design for the Wees- en Oudeliedenhuis.

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