Transformation ‘Wees- en Oudeliedenhuis’

Leiden, The Netherlands


The Orphan and Elderly Housing in Leiden was constructed by the Evangelical Lutheran church in 1852. After a rich history, the house was bought by 8 elderly in 2012 for conversion to age-proof housing. Located in the city center, close to the market, café’s and cinema, four apartments were realized with each a unique character. The common functions in the house make individual living possible whilst maintaining contact with the other homeowners and comprise nearly 40% of the house. The house is suitable for ageing in and the restoration made this possible by adding an elevator and senior-friendly detailing. The individual residences are modern in design yet respect their older surroundings. The visitors’ rooms are also usable as small apartments if permanent care becomes necessary. Despite the buildings historic character, modern technology was implemented as well with a ground source heat pump supplying both floor heating and cooling.

Ir. Jan van Iersel
Ir. Ronald Hoogeveen
Saskia Kok

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