Zomerserie Broekbakema over Brutaal Brutalisme

Summer series 2023: Brutal Brutalism

27 July 2023

Brutal, raw and daring, that is Brutalism. This movement within architecture emerged from modernism. The rough, unfinished concrete or masonry and brutal block-like shapes of this architectural style from the period 1950 to 1970 are hugely pronounced. ‘Either you love it or you hate it’. There is currently a lively debate about this brutal architectural style. What is the value and quality of these buildings? Are we going to preserve these unique buildings and make them ready for the future, or is it time for demolition?

In our 7-part summer series “Brutal Brutalism”, we get involved in this discussion. To do so, we dive into our own archive, among other things, and show which gems we think deserve a solid revaluation. And for those for which it is not too late, monument-worthy! We invite you to read along with us and form your opinion. Every week we share new episodes.

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