SABIC Technology Center

Geleen, The Netherlands


SABIC, world leader in the chemical industry and producer of chemicals and plastics, worked in several teams across Limburg. The company now invested in a new building, in which these teams can work together. The new workspace for these teams will be in an existing building. Reuse of materials, or replacing them only when really necessary, was an important starting point. ‘Gebouw 130’ offers SABIC the possibility to combine the different functions they need – offices, laboratories and production areas. Quite some changes to the building were necessary and the traditional offices are replaced by an innovative, activity-based workplace design.

Erik van Eck MArch
Ir. Renze Evenhuis
Ir. Tessa Barendrecht
Ir. Jeroen Mak
Saskia Kok
Guido Hartman MArch
Leonie van Buuren BSc

Project manager:
Ing. Maurice Knook

Technical designer:
Bouke den Ouden