Broekbakema-Brightlands Circulair House luchtrender

New research and innovation site for development of circular plastics

25 January 2024

We are designing the Brightlands Circular House!

After winning the tender for Chemelot Campus Vastgoed C.V, the final design is now ready and the tender has been completed. Construction will start this year on the Sittard-Geleen campus. We are, of course, proud to share this.

New pivot circular economy

We like to make an impact on the circular economy with our building designs. This was another excellent opportunity, as the building will soon be the hub of Brightlands Circular Space, a new location with several buildings for accelerating the reuse of plastics. The building design was elaborated together with Tielemans (construction), Huygen (installations), Cauberg (building physics) and Brink Group (project management and cost calculation). The master plan was drawn up by Pauwert Architectuur in collaboration with supervisor Jan van Iersel.


Developing circular plastics

The Brightlands Circular Space location promises to be a game changer for the development of circular plastics with technological innovations for recycling plastic waste. Pioneering innovation, demonstration and pilot production come together in one place here. The National Growth Fund is making a substantial contribution of €25 million to this initiative through the Circular Plastics NL (CPNL) programme.

Broekbakema Brightlands Circulair House

Brightlands Circular House

From 2026, Brightlands Circular House will be the beating heart of this unique demonstration facility for research and development. The new entrance to the Brightlands Chemelot Campus will soon run underneath the building, making Brightlands Circular House a real eye-catcher.

Broekbakema Brightlands Circulair House

Laboratories and offices

The building is multifunctional thanks to a combination of Brighthouses, rentable office environments and lab units. Brightlands Circular House also connects the different buildings of Brightlands Circular Space with shared facilities for users.

Meeting places

Besides an inspiring expo, you will find all kinds of places and spaces in the building for meeting, collaboration or co-creation. These ‘Meet & Co-create’ places are located in the bridge, the physical and functional link for the Brightlands Circular Space buildings. We will be happy to share more details about the design with you soon.