“Icon of a new era”

11 December 2017

“An institute that is focused on sustainability has to fulfil the role of a pioneer.”, says Aldo Vos. In the newest edition of the ‘National Geographic Special’ our architect-director was interviewed about the ideas behind the Energy Academy Europe. The most sustainable education building of the Netherlands, designed by Broekbakema together with De Unie Architecten, is producing more energy than it uses. “One of the demands that the building had to meet was that all the energy that is needed for the construction, the use and finally the demolishment had to be produced by the building itself.” Aldo Vos explains. “We have looked as much as possible at natural solutions to keep the building warm and cool.” The four natural elements – earth, water, air and fire – all have a leading role in the special design. “We wanted to build an ecosystem in which all the elements work together.”

The search for natural solutions is a very important starting point to Aldo Vos. In multiple blogs, he explains his ideal image of the future where people can work in an environment that is as natural as possible. Read more about his ideas in his blog: ‘Building without installations’.

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