Flamingo Residence Rotterdam Zoo reopened

15 June 2021

The flamingo aviary of the Rotterdam Zoo is open once again. During the past year, we have worked on several adaptations for the residence and the adjacent square. This allows visitors to cross through the residence from now on.

Protection Flamingo chicks
A transparent, animal-friendly net-construction has been added to the aviary. Due to this construction, the flamingo chicks and eggs of the 121 European flamingos are protected from foxes, storks and seagulls. Furthermore, the young flamingos are kept from flying away by the construction.

Landscape layout
A new layout has been added to the design, including a new water installation, breeding pool and grassy zone. Around the residence lie atmospheric borders and trees according to the historic landscape design by Sybold van Ravesteyn.

The curved shapes of the landscape design are applied to the new shape of the aviary. Therefore, the residence has been restored to its ‘former glory.’ The exceptional position within the Rotterdam Zoo is a national monument. It connects to the nearby monumental entrance to the zoo as well as the historic ‘Rivièrahal.’

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