Broekbakema team grows steadily

3 May 2021

Our team is growing steadily. Recently eight new colleagues have reinforced our office. And nice to mention that they include ever more nationalities! We love to introduce them to you. The architects Michelle Gallegos and Twana Gul, assistant designers Christos EllinasShadan Sharafifar and Pauline Teuben. We also welcome technical designers Mariangela Riu and Rick van Delft and project coordinator Gert den Toon. Which impact do they want to make in their work?

Reinforcing livability
Architect Michelle explains: ‘I want to connect people and improve their wellbeing. That is why I work from a holistic vision.’ Twana adds to this: ‘I believe sublime architecture is timeless.’ Pauline also believes in a better world: ‘As an architect you can leave a positive impact on the world. You combine identity, experience and technology. That is the nicest challenge.’

City of the Future
Technical designer Mariangela especially wants to add to the city of the future: ‘Smart, sustainable and inclusive’. Rick underscribes the importance of transformation: ‘You work on the future by giving buildings a new life.’

Homely feeling & Interaction
Christos explains us what gives him energy: ‘In this job you can give people a sense of home. And stimulate their interaction. That is what I really like to do.’ The reaction of Shadan is perhaps best: ‘Architecture is the trace of time on space.’ Wow!

Finally Gert explains us where his passion as a project coordinator comes from: ‘I have this passion from my grandfather. He had a contracting company. It is really in my DNA to complete projects within a technical and financial framework.’

Welcome everybody! And who knows, maybe you will meet any of them in one of our projects too.

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