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NIEUWS-opening EAE acrobaten

22 May 2017

Energy Academy Europe was opened by an imposing acrobatic stunt

Wednesday the 17 of may the Energy Academy Europe was opened. Commissioner of the king, René Paas and President of the board of the RUG Sybrand Poppema blew life into the building by turning on the wind turbine, this gave the starting sign for a spectacular opening act.

Energy Academy Europe opened in style

opening act on youtube



14 April 2017

GSG Leo Vroman won the Passief Bouwen award 2017!

GSG Leo Vroman is the first secondary school built following both, the Passive Building and 'Frisse school' principles. On April 13, during the International Sustainable Construction Congress the Passive Buildings Award was given to the school.
A 'Frisse school' is a school with a low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment. These two indicators can be sometimes contradictory. Adequate ventilation is necessary for an healthy indoor environment, however it also consumes energy. Nevertheless, a healthy indoor environment is crucial since a poor quality indoor environment leads to health problems.
A passive building is energy efficient and comfortable. This is achieved by extra well-insulated and draft-free building skin. These, in combination with smart building installations, the school consumes extremely low energy. The presence of people is often sufficient to keep the building warm. Well-insulated buildings have a tendency to be too hot during the summer. However, through night ventilation the concrete structure can be cooled down during the night by using outside air.

Read more about the design

Read more about the awards ceremony on 13 April, 2017



20 March 2017

The extension of the residential care farm ‘Nooitgedacht’ has started.

At the edge of Vlaardingen, in the natural area of Middle-Delfland is the historic residential care farm 'Nooitgedacht' located, where people with mental disabilities live and work. The historic farm serves as a central point between several outbuildings where clients have their rooms. Because the buildings were outdated, the living areas will be expanded and adapted to the current needs. The appearance of the farm connects us to the countryside, where the dark wooden facade reminds us of a black tarred wooden barn. The construction is expected to be finished in late November, so the residents can move into their new home before the holidays.

More information about the project



Energy Academy Europe wins International BREEAM Awards 2017

8 March 2017

Energy Academy Europe wins International BREEAM Awards 2017!

The jury in London causes a great celebration in Rotterdam and Groningen! Broekbakema and De Unie architects now see the outcome of their fruitful cooperation with all stakeholders; "Globally the best BREEAM building in the category of Mixed Use & Other.

The Energy Academy Europe is thé top research institute for the transition to sustainable energy. The building is a wonderful example by itself. We hope the building will inspire people worldwide. The natural energy of light, air, earth and water are available in abundance. The Energy Academy Europe is living proof that the energytransition is possible now. We just need to use our resources smart enough. In an open cooperation with all design team members, end users and with our ambitious client, we succeeded. The whole team is very proud!

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17 February 2017

Broekbakema and WorkPeopleAnalytics, a real partnership

This film illustrates beautifully the partnership between Broekbakema and WorkPeopleAnalytics of Innvire / Brink Groep. WPA allows us to map out the relevant demands and requirements of the projects of our clients in an efficient and digital manner. An example of how we innovate in the design process to improve and give a better service to our customers. Even before the design principles are completely defined!

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6 February 2017

Research “RELOADED” – A building as a battery for all seasons

Broekbakema regularly conducts research into innovations which may not now, but later be applied in our projects. Our research "RELOADED" is about the search for a better use of the seasons, in a the metropolitan area of New York. In we present this study, in which we transform the Metlife building in Manhattan into a giant battery: salt baths at the top and a skating rink in the basement!

RELOADED in Broekbakemalab