groene hart

CSA and CSD of Groene Hart Hospital

Gouda, The Netherlands


The Groene Hart Ziekenhuis (GHZ) from Gouda asked us in early 2018 to cooperate on the renovation of their CSA (Central Sterilisation Department) and CSD (Central Scope Desinfection Department). Important was the fact that the CSA and CSD were not to shut down during the renovation. The quality and safety of operations had to be continued optimally.

For a robust and future-proof CSA it was decided to go for a full renovation. Design and execution became a complex puzzle that in the end worked out. The design facilitates the primary work process in the departments. The CSA is now located in a beautiful large space with the most modern equipment, workplaces and logical routing. The CSA and CSD turned into a single space as such, with the advantage of having incoming contaminated equipment through one central location.

Erik van Eck MArch
Ir. Renze Evenhuis

Technical Design:
Ing. Tobias van Westrenen

groene hart