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Work is progressing fast at the new logistics centre of ASML, one of the largest Dutch high-tech companies. The offices above the centre are still in full development as well. We are proud of the new design for this known multinational of the semiconductor industry. Due to expected growth, ASML wanted to realize this new building quickly. Therefore, we too had to work fast. That is why we are extra proud now that the first results are becoming visible. The ‘logistics hub’ is an impressive structure that invites to ‘meet and collaborate’ at various levels.

The construction of the immense logistics halls and offices for 3.000 employees is progressing at full pace. The first of nearly 4.400 foundation piles was put back in May 2019. The speed that was needed in this project was a real challenge for our team. After a flying start with the sketch design, we entered a construction team together with the contractor. While we were working on the final design in a tight schedule, construction had already started in collaboration with contractor BMV and advisors Deerns, Tielemans, DENC and FACTA building management.



The logistics centre has the size of five football fields with a footprint of approximately 30.000 square metres. The logistics centre consists of two floors with on top the construction of the office wings. Bordering the structure is a parking garage for employees, which gives direct access to our building through elevators.

At the new building all logistics flows will ingeniously come together in one spot, including goods reception, unpacking and storage of loose parts. The 35m high storage bay offers capacity for up to 30.000 pallets. Unpacking happens in dust-free conditions spaces (cleanrooms). In an adjacent hall the assembled parts leave the logistics centre again. The site contains an expedition area for waste and goods transport.


We find it important that employees in the logistics centre can work with natural daylight. We therefore gave the halls daylight openings whenever possible. In the expedition and cleanrooms employees even have a view outside. To lunch together, the heart of the logistics centre contains the ‘breakout room’. The ground floor of the building is surrounded by a green plinth of 4.5m height. The greenery ‘softens’ the appearance of this structure in its industrial high-tech surroundings.

New Offices

On the roof of this logistics hub we designed a quiet, healthy and comfortable working space for over 3.000 employees. The two grand atria -connected to each other with a boulevard- convert the 34.000m2 into a single whole. The atria and boulevard form the public spaces in the working environment. In this environment meeting and being together are central aspects. The atrium connected to the main entrance contains the multifunctional plaza with company restaurant. This gives access to a set of beautiful roof gardens. Using a bridge you can even walk to other office buildings on the campus of our client.


Green work environment

From the boulevard and adjacent workspaces employees are treated to green roof gardens and a biotope on top of the logistics centre. From the two atria you can directly walk onto the roof landscape to catch some fresh air or a walk ‘to the other side’. When the weather is nice you can meet each other on the climbing terrace landscape. The roof landscape also contains the elevators to the bike storage at ground level.


The design for the offices on top of the logistics centre are designed in accordance with WELL-Gold standards. This standard mandates strict requirements for the well-being of the employees. It guarantees air quality, thermal, acoustics and visual comfort, water quality, food, movement and the mental well-being of the people working inside. The office facades are nearly fully glass, reducing energy consumption for lighting. The roof will eventually contain over 1.780 solar panels. The structure is fully gas-free, as heating and cooling is provided to the logistics centre and offices through heat pumps with geothermal storage. A rainwater buffer of 3.5mln litres reduces water demand. Our design has received BREEAM Excellent for both the logistics centre as well as the offices.



Lead architects Erik van Eck and Renze Evenhuis (left and center left) look back happily: ‘We are of course proud of the design. This is a beautiful example of an office building where employees will quickly feel at home. But we are just as proud of the Broekbakema team and our clients ASML. We had, considering the limited time, major challenges at times. When everything still comes together, this is extremely satisfying. That is truly impressive teamwork.’

Eindhovens Dagblad  published a feature on this project.


ASML Logistical Hub
Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Start Design
Erik van Eck, Renze Evenhuis
Logistical hub including offices for ASML

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  • Erik van Eck MArch
  • Architect director and management team member

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