Headquarters Océ

Venlo, The Netherlands

2015 - current

The ‘Green Landmark’ concept is based on Canon’s Kyosei philosophy: ‘living and working together for the common good’. Green, public spaces within the building – the so called ‘Green Plazas’ – connect employees with visitors of the Océ headquarters. These ‘Green Plazas’ are designed as courtyards and each plaza is connected to the office wings and to the other plazas. Together, they are the central meeting point and connect all departments within the new headquarters. Every ‘Green Plaza’ is positioned differently, but is always visually linked to the surrounding landscape. The new Océ Headquarters in Venlo will provide approximately 15.500 m2 of floor space – mainly workspace and visitor centre – and will accommodate 550 employees.

Erik van Eck MArch
Ir. Sander Veenstra
Ir. Karin Houwen
Ir. Pim Pompen
Marius Voets AvB
Ing. Maarten van der Marel
Thomas Sandfort BSc

In collaboration with ABT, Nelissen, Quadrat and Multical

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